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A Liverpool Rug Cleaner who loves a challenge

As a Liverpool rug cleaner we love the challenge of getting a dirty rug looking new again. Rugs can transform a house into a home and come in so many different shapes, styles, colors and materials that every rug requires individual care and attention to get it looking great. It doesn’t matter if your rug is one of a kind or has come straight of the stockpile at the furniture shop – we treat each rug we meet with care and precision when it comes to cleaning.


So what’s living inside your rug?

Even if you think your rug has plenty of wear and tear left in it, it is still important to call on a professional rug cleaning service to get rid of those little seen problems that love to bury themselves deep into your rugs.

If you have pets at home then you run the risk of fleas setting up shop in your rug, this can quickly spread and before you know it you have an itch fest on your hands. Yet it’s not only fleas that like to cause trouble –dust mites, household bugs and your everyday dirt and grime can all find their way into your floor and make a cozy retreat out of your rug

We know how to clean a rug to ensure that there are no unwanted visitors in your home. Not only will our eco steam cleaning technology get down deep into the fibers to remove every trace of grime, but our fast ad free drying systems will also ensure that your rug is left looking great and feeling fab beneath your feet. All our cleaning products are one hundred percent biodegradable so the environment doesn’t have to suffer for you to enjoy a clean rug.
For a comprehensive Liverpool rug cleaner who doesn’t mess around, call our friendly team today and let us help you remove the pain of a dirty rug.

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