Cleaning your Carpets After the Christmas Tree

Top Tips from a Liverpool Carpet Cleaner

When it comes to Christmas no home is complete without a Christmas tree. Christmas trees bring cheer to any home and a little sparkle of magic; unfortunately they also bring a ton of pine needles and can make cleaning your carpets a nightmare. If you are constantly having to clr up pine needles, loose branches and bits of dirt from your Christmas tree then you could need the help of a Liverpool carpet cleaner . With that big day approaching fast you want your house to look spic and span and in tip top condition. Take a look at these great ways to clr up after the Christmas tree.

Get the Hoover Out

Unfortunately you and your hoover will become best friends over this season especially when it comes to picking up pine needles and dirt. This is especially important if you have lighter coloured carpets as you won’t want the dirt to be trampled in leaving a hard to remove stain. Make sure you hoover your carpets on a regular basis to stop the mess getting on top of you.

Duct tape

This may sounds weird but is a sure fire way of cleaning up after that Christmas tree. Simply wrap your hands in duct tape and pat the floor down. This will cause all the pine needles to stick to the duct tape and will save you from clogging up the hoover.

Get a carpet cleaner

In the run up to the big day you want to keep your home looking great and this is where a Liverpool carpet cleaner comes in handy. A Liverpool carpet cleaning company can help remove all traces of stains and wear and tear from your carpet and have them looking simply fabulous when your friends and family call around to pull crackers and celebrate.

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