Clean Your Carpet The Way Mother Nature Intended

Clean Your Carpet The Way Mother Nature Intended
It doesn’t matter if you have the odd rug or your home is carpeted form top to bottom, you will eventually need to clean it. Most of us have hectic lifestyles so cleaning our own carpets simply isn’t an option. You might put the whole thing off but with the knowledge that carpets and rugs are the perfect breeding ground for dust mites, mold and other nasties you might have to accept that vacuuming just isn’t enough! So you need your carpet cleaning but you know that the cleaning process involves a lot of harmful chemicals that you want to avoid. So what do you do? Go green!


Carpet Cleaning That’s Safe For Your Family

We don’t want to scare you but the chemicals in everyday carpet cleaners are pretty damaging. Dizziness, feeling ill and skin rashes are just a few consequences of breathing in the fumes from ordinary carpet cleaning products. Some reports even show that certain chemicals used are actually linked to cancer. We feel that there is no need for carpet cleaning products that are made in a ‘plant’ because cleaning products that come from plants are just as effective and nontoxic.

We use a steam clean method, which as you know is just essentially water. All our cleaning products are derived for plant extracts and are 100% natural and organic. We even went as far as Spain to source the type of orange we use in our scented products. Nothing you smell is artificial and we’re sure you’ll agree it smells devine!

Beware of other carpet cleaning companies who say they go down the environmentally friendly route. You may be told that their waste products form a cleaning job are perfectly safe to be srceased into our waterways but the truth is they can take decades to finally dissolve. Since all our products are natural they are also biodegradable and cause no harm to wildlife.

Let us show you why it’s importent to go green while you clean! Call us today on 0151 601 5271

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