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Whether you are after carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning or even rug cleaning eco carpet cleaning Liverpool has got you covered. Often carpets, rugs and the like go unattended for quite a while; a very long while in some cases, having to make do with the mere run of a hoover. However, susrcy it would make sense to clean our carpets more often? I’m just thinking out loud for a moment here please bear with me. Our carpets seem to get the most foot traffic in the house, with dirty shoes up and down the stairs to your canine friends malting and trotting. Therefore, you would think that carpet cleaning would be somewhat of a regular occurrence, however a lot of our customers are ones who haven’t tried it before. You will want to try our service when looking for an eco carpet cleaner Liverpool.


Green carpet cleaning

Don’t worry we won’t make your carpet turn green, far from it infact. What we mean when we say “green” is not some specialised green cleaning solution but rather a way of cleaning your carpet in a way that mother nature would approve. I mean let’s face it eventually you are going to want to either replace or clean your carpet and depending on what it is that you are after we would encourage the latter. Obviously, choosing to replace your carpets can be a very costly measure to take and one that isn’t always necessary; well not when Eco carpet cleaning Liverpool is about anyway. So, if you really don’t want to replace your carpets now you know that you really don’t have to.

Having a dirty rug or carpet can be a breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites and other nasties that you simply wouldn’t want around your home and family. You don’t need to believe that the only way to get rid of these potential nasties is to lash down a load of equally nasty chemicals because this simply isn’t true. Well, again not with an eco carpet cleaner Liverpool that is.


Healthy, happy, safe home

You’ve probably gathered by now that we’re not a fan of carpet cleaning if it’s not green and we have good, sound reasoning behind us for this opinion. The chemicals used by standard carpet cleaners can cause you a great irritant to you and your family; let’s face it they’re just not great for the overall health of your home. So what’s the difference with our products I hear you ask. In short, our products are non toxic and I’m sure that sounds like music to anyone’s ears. Not only are our products non toxic they are completely natural and organic; we are not messing around with the quality of your home environment. Not only are we concerned with your home environment but also your local one too; any waste gathered by us (there’s a lot as you can imagine) is disposed of in the prim and proper manner.


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