Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

So I hear you ask what exactly is “eco friendly carpet cleaning?” Well, in an age where we are becoming increasingly more aware about the environment and what we need to do to protect it going green is more than just a sales pitch. Being kind to the environment also means caring about your immediate environment… Your home!

We are eco friendly carpet cleaning that’s just what we do but a lot of other carpet cleaners aren’t and you should know what to look out for.


What’s the difference?

The difference is that with your standard carpet cleaner the products that they will use on your lovely, soft and voluptuous carpet will make it far from soft and voluptuous no more! This is due to the vast amount of chemicals involved that will make your carpet as rough as a you know what! (I’ll let you use your imagination here). Oh, by the way you and your family (and the dog) will be breathing in all of these wonderful chemicals; sounds lovely doesn’t it! (Warning! please note the air of sarcasm).

Now, with eco friendly carpet cleaning we will do exactly what you called us for in the first place; that is restoring your carpet back to it’s wonderful exuberant self and yes we really do speak and care about our carpets this way! You see those chemicals mentioned above (yuk) they help to destroy all of those fibres that make up your carpet, potentially making them look more worn and harsh to the touch. Now for our carpet cleaning we use products that WILL NOT do this, to put it bluntly. No, no, no our products are really kind and really friendly they just want to help.


Are you bothered about your carpet?

I’d take a wild guess at the question above and answer it with a yes! Well, it is common sense (despite what people may say I have it by the bucketful) otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for a carpet cleaner now would you. I know, I know I can tell that your are wonderfully impressed my sordid intuition and somewhat psychic ability; I impress myself an awful lot of the time to be honest. Where were we…? Oh yes, huh hmmm… Carpet cleaning . So as I was saying you obviously care about your carpet and who wouldn’t I mean everyone does; we love the soft fury touch on our toes, the warmth it provides us in the winter months; oops sorry I’m getting carried away again! As you can tell we really do love carpet cleaning .


Ok what’s the catch?

Well, I have never been so offended in all my life that you would insinuate that there is a catch to this wonderful, environmentally friendly service that we provide (No there really isn’t a catch). Our prices are still very competitive, our service is still top notch and we still produce top cleans.


Come and see for yourself?


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