Leather Cleaning Liverpool

Leather Cleaning services in Liverpool

Leather sofas, chairs, big recliner leather 3 piece suites, if you need any leather furniture cleaning then we are the company to turn to. Nowadays most people have leather furniture in their homes and like most, it gets dirty with general wear and tear, you try to keep ontop of it with the weekly ‘big tiday’, but maybe it’s time to call the professionals. Queue the sound track to the A team.

Eco Leather Cleaning in Liverpool

Leather Cleaning Liverpool

Leather Cleaning Services Liverpool

Leather Cleaning


Eco Friendly Leather Cleaning in Liverpool

Unlike alot of companies out there we will not pollute your home with harmful toxins, have a look here for a list on them. Instead we use only Eco Friendly leather cleaning products meaning your couch, sofa, chair or whatever is new like again AND you haven’t added to the hole in the ozone just because you wanted your leather cleaning.

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