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If you have a dirty looking couch or sofa and want it professionally cleaned without harming the environment, we can help.

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Sofa Cleaning Liverpool

Couch and Sofa Cleaning in Liverpool

Couch Sofa Cleaning LiverpoolIf the site of a dirty couch gets you down then don’t despair, call Liverpools friendliest sofa cleaning team. Ok, we realise that sounds a bit daft but the sentiment is there at least. We’ve all spent lots of money on couches, sofas and 3 piece suites over the years but the reality is that life and the daily rigmarole means they’ll get dirty.

Sure, you can pop to your local supermarket and buy a can of spray that will help them look new again, but in truth before not too long your couch will look like it was a few days before, plus you’ll helped pollute the environment. Bad Karma!

Sofa Cleaning Liverpool
Chair Cleaned by us
Corner Sofa Cleaned by us
Leather Sofa Cleaned by us


Clean Sofas and Couches with the Eco touch

For as little as £75 we can come out and professionally clean your sofa making it look like the day you bought it, free from dog/cat hair, pen marks and general dirt. What’s more it will be cleaned using only Eco free products. Have a look at some of the examples below:


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